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There is also other definition of hotel, simpler for perception: the hotel is the enterprise providing to the people who are outdoors, a complex of services the major among which (kompleksoobrazuyushchy) services of placement and food are equally.

1 For streamlining and simplification of document flow small hotels, motels, boarding houses have to use in the practical activities the Instruction "About an order of conducting document flow when providing hotel services and forms of forms of documents of primary account".

Hotel activity - the activity directed on creation of comfortable conditions of accommodation for the guest (the tourist and providing the main service to it on placement, various additional and accompanying services.

- small hotels have to be organic part of town-planning, business and cultural image of the city, to be most approached to its major business centers, objects of display of the international value, to zones of the increased tourist interest and the purpose of visit of Moscow;

However, having small capacity, a gift, respectively, has low sales volumes. Besides, the share of variable costs as at the existing volume of purchases it is difficult for it to achieve the optimum prices of detergents, of services of a laundry, etc. significantly increases in structure of a turn of such hotel.

1 Tourist service - service of subjects of tourist activities for placement, food, transport, household, information advertizing to service, and also cultural entertaining, to sports service of the tourists living in small hotel, motel, boarding house, directed on satisfaction of needs of tourists.

Small boarding house - the collective means of placement intended for rest of almost healthy people in the resort or in other recreational zone with the independent mode of stay, providing food, with number of rooms not less than 5 and with a capacity up to 100 places.

In small hotels, motels, boarding houses safety of life, health of guests and safety of their property have to be provided. In buildings there have to be emergency exits, ladders and free orientation of guests and the personnel, both in usual, and in an emergency situation is provided.

Creation of specialized small hotels (motels, campings, etc.) both on the basis of the operating hotel objects, and on the basis of constructions from the fast-built designs with application of any of the above organizational technologies.

Recently along with traditional hotels and restaurants the specialized enterprises with the reduced set of services and dishes focused on service of representatives of a certain segment of the tourist market began to appear.

Guests have to have access to the rooms (houses) at any time. Living rooms and rooms of general use (a bathroom, a bathroom, a verandah, a restroom, a loggia, a terrace, kitchen, etc.) are subject to daily damp cleaning. At general use with the house owner a bathroom guests are given a priority and the condition is maintained: no more than 8 people have to fall on one bathroom.

Hotels of middle class: settle down usually in city boundaries and assume a typical set of services. Tariffs – at the level of the average prices of this region or slightly above them. The team of management is prepared rather professionally.

Cruise business can be a bright example of interconditionality of these two factors. Cruises are made by the seas and oceans, i.e. between the countries, being, in fact, the international trips. The geography of cruise rounds constantly extends (Alaska, Philippines, Malaysia, regions of the Pacific Ocean etc.). But at the same time, to succeed in this type of business, the company has to stand firmly on the international scene of the tourist market and have the developed material resources in various countries and regions. For example large cruise tour operators

Activities for providing hotel services and rendering other tourist services can be carried out by both legal, and natural persons – subjects of business activity (further – economic entities) provided that it is for them a primary activity in this means of placement.