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If to clean fruit and that is considered inedible, day - another not to take out on a garbage can, it is possible to notice how round it at native plant material the special life will develop. Round the remains of food rejected by the person small front sights at least much as tell mathematics (i.e. approximately by 10 times), less, than ordinary room flies will start crowding with the size. They are so small that if only some pieces are got, they can and be not noticed. The sizes of front sights make only 2-3,5 mm. However this tiny creation became history of science, and consequently, and mankind history as invaluable object of genetic researches.

Eksel's group continued researches of molecular biologists from Yale university Peter Cline and John Carlson identifying a complex of genes under the general name GR. These genes are responsible for formation of flavoring receptors of drosophilas: the proteins coded by them are present mainly at hobotka, legs and short moustaches of insects.

The remarkable American zoologist and the geneticist Thomas Hunt Morgan was one of Nobel laureates to whom drosophilas rendered invaluable service. His name was used for a shelmovaniye of domestic biologists in the period of "lysenkovshchina" when abusive then words veysmanisty-morganist, mendelisty-morganist or simply morganist were entered.

After receiving clones of DNA from Y-chromosomes of drosophilas there was a possibility of the analysis of the molecular organization of this chromosome. Total length of loops makes about 1000 microns, or 1/12 all lengths of DNA in a Y-chromosome. Functions of the others 11/12 are still unknown. Two types of the repeated sequences are a part of DNA of a Y-chromosome.

Presence normal a gene of crystal inhibits accumulation of RNA of a gene of Ste +. On the existing representations the sga + is controlled by activity of a gene of Ste +: removal of a Y-chromosome leads to superproduction of Ste + - PHK therefore excess of protein of this gene crystallizes in spermatotsita and breaks their functionality, as results in sterility.