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The given estimates are based that the cost of "euroadaptation" of one line of a code on Kobola makes 1,5 dollars However, these figures though look impressively, but do not give an idea neither of cost, nor of complexity of projects of transition to euro. "Very few people know, - Zeyts specifies, - that many inherited financial appendices are written in various undocumented and non-standard languages".

Most of observers is in a varying degree ready to agree with this statement. However the financial organizations, the companies specializing on information technologies, and also some trading companies of the countries which have to join in carrying out reform at the first stage promoted in a field of modification of the systems to work with euro rather far.

The economic recovery predicted by leaders the EU will promote increase of competitiveness of the European production in the world market. The solution of this problem will allow countries of Western Europe to strengthen the positions in the international market of division of labor and to build the relations with the USA, Japan and the countries of Southeast Asia on qualitatively other basis.

But there is more to come. There are no exact rules of recalculation. How to arrive, for example, with rounding in a case with lira and peseta? Here several times it is more than figure, than at calculation in DM or the Dutch guldens. The economic and Currency union demands to carry out all calculations to within the sixth sign after a comma, however it can lead to very amusing mistakes after rounding.

Transformation of the territory of the EU into a common economic space in which borders of the member country will have activity conditions, identical to all, will become logical continuation of activity of EVS.

Both offered option in own way are good. The problem consists in creation of the software which could process automatically data on both currencies and display fields, and also make checks regarding that calculations for the new principle are conducted in scales of all system.

"As showed the recent research devoted to Y2K problem, users need to correct one trillion lines of a code in 500 various languages, - our interlocutor continues. - Let's assume that in our case the amount of works of 'everything' is twice less. All the same it is a grandiose task".

Ian Taylor, the member of the House of Commons of parliament during John Major's board heading the Exchequer company considers that introduction of euro is inevitable, but is fraught with unpredictable economic consequences.

It is required that the software of the company could work with two currencies at the same time. Nevertheless, very few suppliers such as PeopleSoft and SAP, offer similar functionality in the large-scale products now.

In effect, there are two ways of ensuring "eurocompatibility" at the level of systems. First, it is possible to correct the appendix so that it wrote down transactions in euro. Secondly, to give the chance to work with finance in two various units recalculation in which is made in parallel during a transaction entrance to system. However whatever way you chose, it is necessary to carry out the mass of inspections before the system really starts functioning.