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Distinguish analog and discrete methods of delivery the measuring instrument ache information. In both cases the simplest form of delivery is display of results of measurement on visually read out scale of the specifying device. For display of tendencies of change of the measured size there is a number of the analog and digital methods in more detail described below

Now - it is introduced. mainly raster method because for it cheap black-and-white and color monitors can be used. There are following opportunities of the image: alphanumeric, semi-graphic and completely graphic methods.

At a raster way, as well as in television equipment, development — the electronic beam deviates on and columns. As a result of formation of light and dark places when scanning the separate points of the image reproducing the demanded information turn out.

Electron beam visual devices (displays) together with the keyboard represent universal devices for input and issue of information in systems of processing of of measurements. Along with alphanumeric input and the text they can also demonstrate in a graphic look a condition of process and the course of change of the measured sizes. Three methods are possible:

The simplest problem of the graphic processor is the image of any point on the screen. For this purpose, however, there has to be a display (mapping) of physical level in memory which is constructed consistently of words on 16 bits (categories in the logical address on the display (bit mapping).

Often the accuracy of the registering devices of a direct is insufficient. In these cases automatic registrars of compensation type apply. Such recording devices are issued with dot record on 6 or 12 points of measurement and with linear record on 1-6 points of measurement. Their schematic diagram is shown in drawing

Indicators on liquid crystals are used in many areas. These connections represent connections with carbon and oxygen which are lower than a certain temperature are crystals, and above this temperature turn into liquid.

The most often applied ways is the following: the discrete and analog (digital-to-analog) converter with a step divider of ohmic resistance, discretely analog converter with a step divider (branching) of currents and the discrete and analog converter with of resistance. Ways from the duration of impulses or with the indirect integrating (summarizing) transformation are less common. Each discrete and analog converter contains the following constructive elements: switch of analog sizes, block ( resistance and source of tension. As switches use diodes: transistors and now even more often integrated schemes. Blocks of consist of wire or thin layer () resistors or of elements of thick-film equipment. The sources of basic tension executed on integrated provide in the present ­ the accuracy of ±0,005%.