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Ecological culture. Relevance of design ensuring education of ecological culture (by development of the appropriate information and educational programs, the organization and support of social movements in the sphere of conservation) is connected with growth of the environmental problems caused, in turn, by the low level of ecological culture of the population. The growing environmental pollution, violation of ecological balance, exhaustion of natural resources, destruction of the natural beginning in the person became severe reality. In many regions of the country the ecological situation becomes catastrophic, demands acceptance of immediate and cardinal measures, participation of the general public in actions for environmental protection, restoration of the lost natural values.

Program tasks: education at children, teenagers, youth of interest in traditional national creativity; assistance to formation of unique cultural and esthetic image of the city; restoration of continuity of knowledge, abilities, technologies, traditions, cultural and spiritual and moral values of various social and age groups of the population of the city; promotion of customs, traditions, crafts, crafts, characteristic for the region; creation of new workplaces by development of projects and programs of development of traditional crafts and crafts, restoration of historical and cultural objects, monuments.