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Thus, follows from the analysis of the given indicators that the most effective and profitable is the second option of development of a forest source of raw materials, i.e. transportation of wood across Berezovskaya Highway.

Capital investments on separate phases of production and objects pay off as work of settlement outputs on them on the corresponding standards of complex specific capital investments.

Existence of railway and water ways of the main lesotransport for delivery of wood from Berezovsy logging enterprise provides to consumers possibility of transport development of a source of raw materials of logging enterprise in various ways.

Under operational expenses in this case cost of preparation and delivery of wood to consumers means. Operational expenses are counted on forest roads. Then find the total amount of expenses by option, putting expenses on certain roads.

The Realizatsionny cost of a forest product pays off proceeding from volumes of removal, assortment composition of forest products and wholesale prices. We determine production volume by each assortment proceeding from assortment structure of forest stands and a formula of pedigree structure 5S4E1B.

The delay wood at separate stages of transport and technological process causes the necessity of increase in its quantity in a turn, so, and investments in current assets. The sizes of investments are defined proceeding from volumes of accumulation of wood in coastal warehouses, in an alloy, in warehouses of raw materials of consumers, at the lesoperevalochny exchanges and railroad warehouses, estimated at prime cost for corresponding free.