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Through 135 km on half-roads between Nadym and Salekhard, there are some cars for housing, there is a generator, a handheld transceiver, some cars, all-terrain vehicles. In October there comes here the main contingent of workers who have to make ready for the winter the winter road and then watch it. During the period spring – the fall is opportunity to rent the settlement for the organization of a camp site.

On the basis of about two tens houses, there is a dining room, the house for visitors, a bath, a meteorological station. Places around the fine: the mountains brought by snow with a dark border of the wood at the bottom, and in the sky above other tops the peaked, reminding a huge pyramid Neroyka in the West rises.

The way is paved on the tundra, on both sides. - of an embankment - a bog with small sites of the wood. Almost always it was necessary to go on cross ties. Tents could be put directly on rails. Mosquitoes and a midge appeared the main inhabitants of the tundra, several times met deer and Nenets reindeer breeders. Through 35 km the wide river (Ngarka-Pyryayakh through which there is no bridge. However on the river there is a boat by which the group is transported on other coast.

From the mouth Husi to Neroyk's base it is possible to pass across the valley Kobylayu (3,5 km) and further on the sled and tractor road going from Saranpaul up the valley Shchekuryi (3,5 km). But it is better to go shorter (on 3 km) way: down valley Kobylayu of 1 km, and then

to pass to upper courses Big Treacle and further to the village of Aranets on Pechora. This way was very difficult as when crossing ridge went on the treeless district (7 km) where in the winter snow-storms during which in snow transports of deer with bread quite often perished often raged.

- Stimulation of development of material tourism infrastructure by attraction of domestic and foreign investments for reconstruction and new building of tourist objects. Improvement of quality of service of tourists on the basis of the competition, deepenings of specialization and cooperation in work of the tourist enterprises. Development of system of preparation and professional development of shots in the sphere of tourism.

In the district there are opportunities for the organization cultural, guest, water, mountain, hunting – fishing, extreme and other types of tourism. In this regard the administration of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area needs introduction of the program of development of tourism on Yamal which tasks are:

Coordination of activity of authorities, regional fund of support of small business, and also public associations of businessmen on implementation of investment drafts of the Program is carried out Committee on economy and investments which defines precedence of investments taking into account the priority directions and existence of means.

Pai-Er originates from the lane of the same name to the north of the massif. Around merge 10 km above on the valley the good wood, the real taiga grows. The main breeds - a larch, a fir-tree, a birch. In 7 km above merge the river accepts a prav.pritok -. That is

To Ovinparm, calcareous rocks break steeply to the river. Above Telpos Shchugor's mouth flows in the wide woody valley. In places the course breaks into the sleeves forming the low, overgrown the birch wood islands.

The watershed represents extensive, rather equal naked plateau without uniform bush. Acclivity. Height of a perevalny saddle is 775 m above sea level. From the pass in the north in upper courses Trade severe, steep slopes, penalties and circuses of the mountain Keftalyk are visible; in the east, merging with the horizon, the rough green surface of a taiga is spread.

the course frost, huge on the Ural scales, the right coast now simply Hara-Matalou is formed by the beautiful rock. From this place the final part of a route began: an exit to the settlement of city type Kharp.