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To the second winding of the relay of transfer, the winding of a podmagnichivaniye the local power supply 24B therefore on this current constantly proceeds. It in size several times a current in a working winding is also sent to it.

Transfer of a code combination of parcels of any sign is made during one turn of the transferring distributor. As the correct reception of parcels is possible only at inphase rotation of the transferring and reception distributors, from the beginning of the rotation transferring also the reception distributor which makes together with transferring one revolution is started, and then stops.

The additional attenuation brought in the highway of transfer of the channel by the block of dividing filters of the P-317 equipment at a frequency of 800 Hz makes ±0,05 Np and does not exceed 0,1 Np at frequencies of 300 — 2700 Hz and 0,4 Np at a frequency of 2900 Hz

Telegraphy speed (the quantity of single elements (information and office parcels) transferred for 1 sec. is called. 1 baud assuming transfer of 1 binary impulse for 1 sec. is taken for a unit of measure of size B.

Obviously, use of the TCh channel for receiving one cable communication is not rational therefore when developing the TT equipment there is a problem of the correct placement of the maximum number of TLG of channels in effectively transferred channel TLF strip. The simplest solution of this task consists in determination of width of a strip of frequencies of the cable channel with the subsequent division of a pass-band of TLF of the channel into the sites equal

The block of the transmitter is intended for a of the parcels of a direct current arriving from the transferring device in frequency-modulated fluctuations of voice-frequency frequency which move to the highway of transfer of the telephone channel via the block of dividing filters.

Speed of transfer is unambiguously connected with the frequency of following of binary impulses - F. It is known that if the period of one full sinusoidal wave - T is made 1 sec. by the frequency of its F = 1gts. On the same period, see rice 3, two binary impulses (positive and negative polyarnost) with the dlitelnost equal to T / can be laid

The listed operations are carried out by installation in corresponding the switch of the device and other of control and switching. Results of check, control and adjustments on the measuring device of the equipment.

In discrete channels the speed of transfer of binary information is meant as quantity of the binary impulses transferred for 1 sec. Distinguish R information transfer speed (information speed) and speed of telegraphy of Century.

at connection of the cable equipment working at current of one direction with divided and undivided of transfer and reception, linear chains can eat both from cable station, and from the P-314M equipment (tension 6 Nominal rate of current 50±10 (for CTA-2M).

Dimensions of packing of P-314M: width is 644 mm, depth is 335 mm, a of 183 mm. Packing of dividing filters has the same dimensions. Possibility of carrying out of the block of dividing filters is provided in separate packing. In such packing it can be placed to five blocks of dividing filters.

Transfer of signs from the device CTA-M67 in the simplest case of work on the physical line is carried out as follows: when pressing a key there is a movement of combinatory rulers in the transferring part of the device which form a spatial code combination. Then this mechanical spatial combination of rulers turns into a temporary electric combination by consecutive disconnection and short circuit by contacts of the transmitter of an electric chain.

Opportunities: the CTA-M67 telegraph provides transfer of cable messages on channels of voice-frequency telegraphy. Besides, the device allows transmission of messages on constant air and cable communication lines.

One corresponds to a plus parcel in an operating mode on current of two directions or a current parcel in an operating mode on current the lower working frequency (2555 Hz), and a minus or bestokovy parcel — the top working frequency (2665 Hz). Possibility of change of this ratio on the return is provided.