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ISS is the concept of granting new communication services standardized by the International organization for standardization and the International union of telecommunication. According to the recommendation of ITU-T 312/Q.1201 for ISS it is characteristic:

Forms of education: internal, evening, correspondence, external studies. Evening and correspondence offices are available at faculties: philological, economic, humanitarian and social sciences, legal. The external studies - at faculties: philological, legal, humanitarian and social sciences.

The interest shown to ISS is not casual and based on advantages which receive administrations of communication, operators of networks and subscribers at realization of the services ISS often called also by services of the additional income (value added services).

Further development of the INFORMATION RETRIEVAL SYSTEM will be aimed at providing calculations of the OKC7 networks regarding an intellectual communication network and networks of cellular mobile communication. Also development of interfaces of the user and building of modules of algorithms for fuller automation of process of design of networks of Construction Department is planned

Two last decades developments of telecommunication branch are characterized by emergence of a number of the new directions, concepts and technologies a special place among which takes the concept of the Intellectual Communication Network (ICN). Today it is one of the modern communication networks defining in development.

As the cost of SN is generally small, in the existing economic conditions when one of the main criteria of expediency of investments, minimization of risk at simultaneous reduction of a payback period is, Knots of services can be considered as the "growth factors" providing to the companies operators growth of profits due to fast and economically effective introduction of additional communication services.