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The main tendency of development of world economy on a threshold of the XXI century - its globalization which is understood as the increase of volumes and a variety of world economic communications which is followed by increase of economic interdependence of the countries of the world.

Concentration of efforts to the few, but potentially and fast-paid-back export projects, besides strengthening of export and an upclassing of its structure, will increase demand for production of allied industries and by that, to promote consecutive technological updating and pulling up on more level of the lagging behind branches and productions working for the market.

In the course of globalization two vectors are looked through now. On the one hand, in world economy there is a strengthening of positions of the USA. Despite decrease in their specific weight in world production and trade. The United States in a noticeable measure activity of the international economic institutes in which rules of conducting world trade and a of the capital between the countries are developed (the WTO, the IMF, IBRD, etc.).

oil - about 16%), and metals (black - about 7%, color and rare - more than 6%) and the nonmetallic raw materials, the Country feels need for delivery from the outside of rather small scale of types of raw materials - manganese, chrome, the titan, lead, zinc, mercury and some other.

The main thing from these advantages is security of the country with main types of mineral raw material resources. Their volume ­ fully to satisfy requirements of production and social infrastructure, and also to carry out export deliveries.

The total cost of balance reserves of minerals in is very great and makes 28,6 trillion dollars, the predicted part of stocks is more balance by 3-4 times. In structure of mineral resources also fuel raw material resources (gas - more than 32% of cost of balance stocks, coal and slates - more than 23% are presented,

It is obvious that increase of degree of openness of farms, further liberalization of the modes of the international movement of material, financial and intellectual resources can be the main direction of evolution of rules and norms of the international economic relations in line with the purposes of creation of superblocks.