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My family vocabulary for medical school mmi

2 - gravel on degtevy bituminous mastic; 3 - a penopolistirolovy plate 4 - the roofing material pasted on hot bitumen settlement resistance to a paropronitsaniye of sq.m · h · mm ÓÔ.ßÔ/g =10,3; 5 - ferroconcrete plates;

It is necessary to construct the enterprise providing the closed cycle of production of agricultural production. The enterprise is provided with intraeconomic raw materials. Enterprise capacity has to make to 1200 kg/h.

In razmolny office of melzavod operations of crushing and sorting of products of crushing on fineness and good quality are carried out. These operations repeat repeatedly that the problem of selective crushing of starchy part endosperm dictates.

Δt – standard temperature difference between temperature of air and temperature of an internal surface of the protecting, Δt =tv – tp; tp – dew-point temperature at a settlement temperature and relative humidity of internal air φ = 70%.

At a high-quality grinding of grain the flour has to be created only at the expense of crushed endosperm, its starchy part. Covers, an layer and a germ go to bran, and it is desirable to allocate a germ in the form of an independent product.