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This wave has complex structure, it as well as a wave 2 represents a phase of correction or consolidation, however differs in the structure (the rule of alternation) - often there are triangles.

The point which coordinates are received will be the minimum reference point of top of a wave 3, multiplying wavelength 1 on 1,618 and, adding work to an indicator of the basis of a wave 2, that is to the value corresponding to its lowermost point.

The relation of any number to the previous is approximately equal 1,618 (an inverse value 0,6 For example: 13: 8 = 1,625; 21: 13 = 1,615; 34: 21 = 1,61 Than numbers are higher, especially they come nearer to size 0,618 and 1,61

If at the general tendency of growth 5-wave falling is observed, it is possible to note with a high share of confidence that we deal with the I wave 3-wave (((C) falling, i.e. falling will proceed. In the bear market after 3-wave increase the falling tendency, and the revival consisting of 5 waves - the prevention that it is necessary to expect more considerable movement of the prices upward has to renew. This wave can appear the I wave of a bull tendency.

The relation of any number of sequence to the following comes nearer to 0,618 (after the first four numbers). For example: 1: 1 = 1; 1: 2 = 0,5; 2: 3 = 0,67; 3: 5 = 0,6; 5: 8 = 0,625; 8: 13 = 0,615; 13: 21 = 0,619, etc. Pay attention as value of ratios fluctuate round size 0,618, and scope of fluctuations is gradually narrowed; and also at sizes: 1,00; 0,5; 0,6

Fibonacci's coefficients and the relations of length of correction based on them are used for definition of price reference points. The correction length relation to the previous movement of the market often equals 62%, 50% and 38%.

As from three pulse waves stretches only one, two others are equal on the extent and time of end. If the fifth wave stretches, waves 1 and 3 have to be almost equal. At stretching of the third wave more or less equal will be waves 1 and

The channel which is formed as a result of carrying out parallel lines (sup, res), is the optimum range of trade changes. The direction of the channel down or up defines a tendency of the market (Trend). At the ascending tendency the trend raising at descending – going down. When there is no a tendency, the channel has horizontal situation – Range.

Fibonacci's sequence contains also other curious ratios, or coefficient, but what we just gave - the most important and known. As we already emphasized above, actually Fibonacci is not the pioneer of the sequence. The matter is that the coefficient 1,618 or 0,618 was known still to Ancient Greek and Ancient Egyptian mathematicians who called it "gold coefficient" or "golden ratio". We find its traces in music, the fine arts, architecture and biology. Greeks used the principle of "golden ratio" at construction of Parthenon, Egyptians - the Great pyramid in Giza. Properties of "gold coefficient" were well-known to Pythagoras, Platon and Leonardo da Vinci.

This ratio between two currencies which follows from their course against a course of the third currency. At operations in the world market cross rates with US dollar as the US dollar is not only the main reserve currency, but also currency of the transaction in the majority of currency transactions are often used.