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Adjournment and introduction of particles of powder grains and metal particles in clothes fabrics, integuments, walls of the wound channel; traces of blow of these particles in the form of small grazes on skin and prosechka on clothes fabrics.

As a result of research of hems and other traces of the former wound examination can confirm or exclude in a categorical form possibility of receiving a gunshot wound at them circumstances and while told the surveyed.

Entrance fire opening. The typical entrance bullet wound has the small sizes, a round form, in the center - defect of skin, the rough, sometimes crosswisely raised edges, with the short radial ruptures of a surface of skin which are not going beyond a corbel of the osadneniye surrounding defect. Quite often the corbel of an osadneniye is covered with triangular rags of epidermis. Outer diameter of a corbel of an osadneniye is approximately equal to caliber of a fire shell or exceeds it. The surface of a corbel of an osadneniye is quite often polluted by metal of rather dirty-gray color. From here and other names: pollution corbel, rubdown corbel. At preservation of triangular rags of epidermis rather dirty-gray stratifications settle down under it.

Except medical documents, the expert studies also other case papers: the protocol of inspection of the scene, the indication of witnesses, the suspect, etc., chooses from them data, necessary for the conclusion.

Exhaust fire outlets most often have the wrong geometrical form (star-shaped with beams of different length, slit-like, bow-shaped, etc.). In certain cases it can be round or oval.

Perforating wounds without got stuck in a body at least of several pellets meet extremely seldom and are observed mainly at wounds of a brush, a forearm, soft tissues of a shoulder, shin. Also tangent a trunk wounds without jamming of part of pellets in a body are also rare.

Gaps at the edges of an opening due to effect of powder gases, both on clothes, and on a body, the doge at a shot in an emphasis or nearly in an emphasis, meet rather seldom, as pressure of gases at a dulny cut of hunting guns the usually small. Gaps are formed mainly in cases of application of the strengthened powder charge, at shots at an acute angle and in those areas a body where it is close to skin the bone adjoins. Also fine fabrics of clothes can be broken off.