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For various reasons twins are born with shortcomings in comparison with the single. Correlation is observed, – than mother and the more at it is more senior than children, the more often twins are small and the more often they observe congenital anomalies and the risk of development of a hypoglycemia, especially at the second twin is higher. After the birth there can be difficulties in accustoming of mother and babies, especially, if one is in chamber of intensive therapy, and another – at mother or if one can go home with mother while another has to remain in hospital. Houses mother will be tired, find less time for each of twins, than one child more, she will also have financial problems.

But the test of intellectual coefficient of IQ and the verbal test are especially relative indicators: they reflect only a level of implementation of this concrete test (a set of tasks) and cannot be unconditional to serve as an indicator of development of mental abilities of the examined twins.

Weight at the birth of the single child averages 3,2 – 3,5 kg with a height of 50 - 52 cm (pregnancy duration on average 274 days) (see the appendix. The average weight of the birth of twins is equal 2,4 kg (the average duration of pregnancy 262 days); triplets – 1,8 kg (a gestation of 247 days); and chetvernyashka – 1,4 kg (pregnancy of 237 days). The average weight of the birth of twins is 800 grams less, than at one child, but only is 500 grams less if to take pregnancy duration into account. But these data literary and they are average. About it we decided to conduct the research. For this purpose we used the medical records. Duration of pregnancy of our mother made 246 days (that is 16 (!) days less than norm for the twin and we weighing 2,9 kg were born and 51 cm in height (!) everyone. It happens much less often. We were born strong and healthy twins. At once in hospital delivered us all necessary inoculations which put to ordinary children though to twins at once do not put them since they are born the usually weak.

When speak about sacrament, mean the highest sense. But along with it is much mysterious, unclear and at the level biological. For example, why not one ovum, but two or even three, and even four sometimes is formed. However, it is very rare. But if they are formed and meet spermatozoa, arises not one, but two lives (see the appendix. Or even it is more.

The birth of uniovular twins is surrounded still with big riddles. How it occurs? The scheme of conception is quite standard (see the appendix: one ovum plus one spermatozoon. But soon after usual sacrament there is one more, absolutely mysterious: the germ which already passed certain stages of formation is suddenly split on two absolutely identical halves. Why there is such splitting, anybody cannot explain yet. This sacrament of origin of two lives.

So, twins meet in our life so and is frequent therefore cause a great interest of people around (especially uniovular because they are similar at each other as like as two peas). The birth of uniovular twins is surrounded with big riddles because the normal, apparently, germ which passed certain stages of formation is suddenly split on two absolutely identical halves. If this splitting happens during the first five days after conception, each twin will have the placenta; if on the fifth – the seventh day, a placenta is the general for two and twins will have a full similarity; if for the 13th day, twins, most likely, are Siamese.

Whether often in life twins meet? It is statistically authentically recorded that one fall on each 100 childbirth twin, and among twin childbirth exactly one third is the share of the birth of uniovular twins. On each 130 births of twins – one triplets, on two million usual childbirth – one.