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In curling at men athletes of Switzerland, on the second place athletes of Canada, on the third - Norway took priority. Women leaders had sportswomen of Canada, on the second place of the sportswoman of Denmark, on the third - Sweden.

In snowboarding, four sets of awards - 12 medals, were divided among themselves by representatives of 8 countries. Athletes of Germany won gold and silver medals, Switzerland - gold and bronze, Norway - 2 silver, the USA - 2 bronze; on one athletes: Canada and France on gold, Italy - silver, Austria - bronze.

Games in Albertville, perhaps, as any of previous, abounded with surprises and surprises, unpredictability of results in many types of competitions. Business was not limited to progress of representatives of the northern countries in alpine skiing, and Alpine, Italy - in cross-country skiing. The success of "the flying skiers" - 4 medals from 6, and sanochnitsa - sisters Doris and Anjelica Noymer - the first and second places from Austria was not smaller surprise.

In ski jumping, out of competition there was a well-known Finnish athlete Matti Nyukanen who became the three-time winner on 70 and 90-meter springboard and in team competitions where its contribution was decisive. Athletes of Finland got gold medals only.

On bobsled two Italians from the first national team became strongest, the second athletes from the Canada-1 team, the third - Germany - On bobsled four were in the lead athletes from the Germany-2 team, on the second place - Switzerland-1, on the third Great Britain -

In short track championship at men athletes of Korea won gold and silver medals, Japan and Canada on a gold and bronze medal, China - 2 silver and bronze medals. At women sportswomen of Korea - 2 gold and 2 bronze, Canada - gold and bronze medals, China - 3 silver were strongest.

There was unnoticed no success of the French biathlonists in relay - the first place, and also emergence among prize-winners of winter Games of representatives of China - speed skating, New Zealand and Spain - mountain skiing.

It should be noted that fight results between teams were poorly connected with number of athletes - representatives of various countries which were taking part in competitions. The most numerous team was exposed by the USA - 119 athletes, the team of Canada - 113 people was the second for number. However the team of the USA appeared on the 9th place, 54 point, and Canada - on 1 At the same time the GDR team - 54 athletes - excellent made a speech at competitions and achieved good results.

Fight for gold medals in mountain skiing actively joined the athletes of Germany and the USA who did not manage to gain any victory in Albertville. In Lillehammer they won on two gold medals. Other awards appeared at representatives of the countries which are traditionally successfully acting in this sport.

In 10 types of competitions in mountain skiing gold medals were distributed as follows: Austria - 3, Italy - 3, Norway - 2, Sweden - 1, Canada - the Real sensation of competitions was the acute fight between representatives of the Alpine countries and Olympians of Norway, Sweden, Canada.

Nobody could resist to the bobsledders from GDR who won the first two places both in the two, and in the four. Especially Wolfgang Hoppe and Dietmar Schauerchammer who became two-time Olympic champions caused a stir.

In mountain skiing played 10 sets of awards. Representatives of 9 countries became owners of 30 medals. 11 medals were taken away home by athletes of Austria - 3 gold, 4 silver, 4 bronze. Athletes of Germany won 6 awards - 3 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze. Athletes of Norway of 4 medals - 1 gold and 3 silver. On two medals at athletes of Italy - gold and silver, France - gold and bronze, Switzerland - 2 bronze. On one medal and athletes of the USA - gold, Sweden - silver, Australia - bronze - the only award at the XVIII Winter Olympic Games in Nagano.

In mountain skiing the success accompanied representatives of the Alpine states, in particular Switzerland - 11 medals, including 3 gold that predetermined a high third place of team of this country in informal offset. Alberto Tomba, Italy which 7 times was the winner of World Cups became the two-time Olympic champion. Gold medals were received by athletes of five countries: Switzerland - 3, Austria - 3, Italy - 2, Germany - 1, France -