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Residence in Spain, in comparison with other European countries rather cheap - about 15 dollars a day. For those who prefers to communicate constantly with native speakers - ideal option - accommodation in a family is will allow to speak more language, to understand culture, to get acquainted with customs. The hostel or the student's apartment will be suitable for those who prefers more independent way of life-. Anyway, it must be kept in mind that Spaniards are friendly, open and benevolent to foreigners.

Selectividad is the entrance examination in universities urged to confirm officially abilities of applicants. To reveal the general level of educational training of the entrant two types of written tests are supposed. And in a case by its results decides on foreigners not only the general cultural level and so-called "maturity" of the candidate, but also language preparation. Keep in mind that in the course of delivery of "selectividad" to foreigners the same requirements, as are imposed to the Spanish entrants. And requirements these high. It is known that some faculties or "Escuelas Tecnicas superiores" accept only those who handed over "selectividad" on the highest marks. Examinations are carried out annually in July and September. Passing an examination is possible and at embassy.

Postdegree education it in addition 2-3 (in some HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS Bol of training. Slenut to mean that in Spain few HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS can offer postdegree training in all subjects therefore it is necessary to be ready to continue the education in other province or the city.

Secondary compulsory education (Educacion Secundaria Obligatoria) also shares on cycles: the first cycle - 12-14 years - two courses and the second 2nd cycle - 14-16 years - two courses is also the last link in basic cultural, social and technical training.

In Spain it is called as well as in the majority of the developed countries - degree of the doctor ("Doctor"). It can be received, having risen by the third step of the higher education. After two years of training it is necessary to submit the prepared thesis for consideration of an academic council.

university colleges (colegios universitarias) as well as schools, carry out training only according to programs of the first level. These programs are usually similar traditional university and do not give vocational guidance.

At a training place choice, it is not obligatory to choose Madrid or Barcelona, besides it is necessary to consider that in Barcelona - the capital of Catalonia - all training is conducted in Catalan language, except for several private schools where teaching is conducted in English.