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On each operation of technological processing of data sos-the technological instruction (instructive cards which defines an order of its performance tavlyatsya. The instructive card contains under - the robny description of actions of all performers for this operation. Instructive cards have to be concrete, short, calculated on average technicians. The set technological and instruk-tsionny cards on a task is represented the developer in VTs upon termination of a stage of design engineering.

Requirements to performance of graphics soder-to press close in the brochure of "the scheme of algorithms, programs, data and systems" when contains symbols and pravi-la of implementation of these schemes. Let's consider it in more detail.

The Card symbol the Symbol displays the data presented on the carrier in the card form (punched cards, magnetic cards, cards with read out met-by Kami, cards with the scanned tags, cards with a detachable label).

At the same time as also function of switching type, having one exit and a number of alternative exits is displayed, only one of which can be made active after calculation a mustache - the loviya defined in this symbol.

Thus symbols of data indicate existence of data (or specify a type of the carrier of data), symbols of process display operations over data (or define a logical way), linear symbols identify data flows between processes and (or) carriers of data, and also a stream of management between processes. Special symbols are used for simplification on - the writing and readings the flowchart.

The necessary condition of registration of the degree project yavlya-etsyatsya a vypoleniye of graphic works which can be having appeared - Lena in the form of drawings, schemes, tables, schedules and charts. Certain requirements are also imposed to performance of graphic works. Illustrations have to supplement visually and podtverzh-to give the material stated in the text and to reflect a subject of the degree project.

When writing in the text of formulas, values of symbols and number - vy coefficients have to be given directly under a formula, since a new line in the same sequence in what they are brought in a formula. The first line of interpretation begins the word "where" without colon after it. If in the text there are references to formulas, formulas need to assign serial numbers which are put down at the level of a formula Arab tsif-by Rami in grugly brackets. And the first sign designates number of the head, and the subsequent number of a formula within the head. At napi-saniya of the formulas which are not located on width of printed page divide them into two, three and more lines. Transfer of the admission - etsyatsya only on equal-signs, additions, subtraction, division and multiplication. At transfer the above signs repeat in the end and the beginning of lines. References in the text to this or that formula should be given on type: "in a formula (1".

Underlinings of names of heads, paragraphs, etc. not to - are started up. The distance between headings of heads, paragraphs and the subsequent text has to be 5 mm more than a distance than between lines of the text.

At reduction of digital material only the Arab figures, except for the standard numbering of quarters, half-year which are designated by the Roman figures have to be used. The Roman figures and dates designated by the Arab figures not dolzh- to be followed by the reliable terminations. Quantitative count - telny in the text are written also without the reliable terminations. If it is necessary to provide a number of sizes in the text same the size - Nosta, the unit of measure is specified only after number last guo.

This standard extends on symbols in schemes of algorithms, programs, data and systems and regulates rules of implementation of the schemes used for display razlich-ny types of problems of data processing and means of their decision.

Feature of this State standard specification is classification of all symbols on the MAIN, SPECIFIC, LINEAR. The main symbol is understood as the symbol used when exact type ( process or the carrier of data is unknown or there is no need for the description of the faktchesky carrier is given - ny.