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At a normal surrounding temperature and at rest the person allocates 250-1000 ml of water through skin. This invisible sweating which the person does not perceive, is carried out, apparently, on the basis of diffusion processes in which sweat glands take only insignificant part. At a usual technique of reception of a steam room secretion of sweat glands makes 10-15 ml/min.

- humidity of air; big humidity of air complicates return of water at the expense of sweat, limits possibilities of the mechanism of cooling, respectively conducts to faster warming up, worsening health of the person;

When bathing procedure in a complex does not exceed 60 min., as a rule, there is no desire to have a bite. And if such happens, it is necessary to be limited to vegetables, fruit, juice or mineral water. But when bathing procedure takes more than 2,5 h, it is possible to use also light meals. However it is contraindicated to overeat as it causes weight in a stomach and slackness of a body.

In a human body there is a system of special glands which under the influence of nervous system develop the special chemicals coming to the blood and lymphatic course and instantly spreading on all organism. They are as if glands of "fast reaction" and allocate those substances which are necessary for the person at the concrete moment.

The water-salt balance remains in norm thanks to repeatedly duplicated regulation mechanism. The water loss caused by sweat evaporations is practically regulated by feeling of thirst adequate to it which is tested by the person who is in a steam room.

The starting mechanism of reactions of physical and chemical thermal control is the thermal irritation of skin and vascular receptors with the subsequent response to it of the center of thermal control. At considerable overheating of an organism in a steam room change of physiological functions happens also owing to effect of heated blood on the central nervous system.

Impact of a bath on digestive system is carried out as indirectly, at the expense of nervous and endocrine systems, and directly - at the expense of a temperature factor. The complex of bathing procedures influences blood supply of bodies of a digestive tract by means of redistribution of blood in an organism. As a result of outflow of blood blood supply of digestive organs at the initial stage decreases by the periphery. Also sekretorny activity of data of bodies, their motility decreases. For this reason it is important not to overeat before visit of a bath as the food lying "dead freight" in poorly functioning digestive tract will press on a diaphragm, to disturb normal ventilation of lungs, to complicate work of heart.

One of the brightest manifestations of action of a steam room - the strengthened sweating connected with temperature-controlled action of sweat glands. It can be very various on the expressiveness as have impact on work of glands not only the air temperature and its humidity, but also the constitution of an organism, and position of the person lying, standing in a steam room.